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The e-commerce market offers sellers more opportunities to develop their business and reach new customers. However, it is not that simple - in the thicket of competition in the industry, which is constantly evolving, it is difficult to stand out and gain the attention of users. The visibility of the online store largely affects conversion and strengthens brand awareness in the market. How to position an online store and get better sales results from organic searches on Google?

These are the important points on which we will give more clarification in this article!

How to increase sales in the online store?

An effective online store marketing strategy consists of conducting multidirectional activities, the common goal of which is to increase sales. Sellers strive for proper brand PR and customer trust, for which they use various communication channels, e.g. social media and e-mail marketing. Promotional activities are also visible in the search engine and on social networks in the form of paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads advertising campaigns.

One of the pillars of a well-thought-out strategy that ensures long-term effects and increases organic traffic on the store's website is positioning. Why is it worth betting on SEO?

What is SEO for an online store?

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SEO is a variety of activities leading to increasing the visibility of a website in search results. Optimization of the online store consists in adapting the technical parameters of the e-commerce platform, its content and functionality, to the operation of Google algorithms in the most user-friendly way. Thanks to the use of SEO techniques, potential customers who enter specific phrases related to their shopping needs into the search engine will see your store's website in the results.

Appearing in the top positions of the first page of Google results for specific queries is a long-term process that brings measurable benefits. Regular implementation of the optimization strategy increases the level of conversion and allows you to stand out from the competition - the brand gains recognition, and customers consciously choose products from the sales offer of the positioned brand.

On-site store optimization

The optimization of an online store consists of two types of activities - on the sales platform and outside it. We will now look at how to increase e-commerce sales with the help of on-site SEO principles.

Online store layout and navigation

Stores that are visible in high positions on Google are distinguished by a clear structure of categories, subcategories and product pages. The hierarchy of the category tree makes it easier for visiting users to browse subsequent subpages, as well as index the content for search engine robots. Also, remember to include internal linking in the content, and change long and illogical URLs to customer-friendly subpage names that thematically refer to the content.

Page load time and mobile-friendly SEO

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Customers prefer online shopping because it saves time. Nothing annoys a transaction-oriented user more than a long page load time. Google also puts a lot of emphasis on content display time and promotes fast-response stores. A high bounce rate is worth analyzing in terms of the parameters of the hosting service, the number of current redirects on the page (preferably less), as well as the type of content - the large size of graphics and photos and uncompressed video, can affect the content loading time.

SEO activities for an online store are used to optimize functionality for desktop users and those using mobile devices. With the latter in mind, it is worth adjusting the appearance of the website and all functions to ensure that the website is read correctly on smartphones and tablets. Responsive design will allow you to gain more customers browsing sales offers in this way.

Since loading is an important part of your store's optimization, you need to use a qualified SEO tool to know which pages are blocking your site's speed. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is an all-in-one tool developed by the experts at Semalt. Indeed, this tool is equipped with several functions among which is the function of checking the loading speed of a site. This feature of the DSD allows you to know in detail any obstacles to the loading speed of the site. Moreover, the tool gives you guidelines to follow to solve each of the problems present on your site.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has many other features that you can discover on

Content marketing strategy

Is content king? The content on the website plays an important role, although it is difficult to agree 100% with the popular statement. The content marketing strategy brings effective sales increases in combination with SEO for an online store. How to understand? The descriptions of categories and products optimally saturated with key phrases for a given query or thematic group have the greatest value. The whole secret lies in the fact that the content on the store's website best meets the needs of the user and is understood as intended by the Google robot.

It is also worth paying attention to the clear structure of the text and the appropriate formatting of the headings in accordance with the hierarchy of importance and marking them in the page code. The descriptions on the subpages should be unique - duplicating the manufacturer's specifications or copying the text between individual product cards can lead to duplicate content, which, instead of increasing sales, will result in losing your position in search results.

Blogging also helps to get more traffic to your website. Internal publications increase your position as an expert in the industry and confirm customers' belief in the high quality of services. Remember about optimization and proper selection of key phrases for various subpages. 

To have the relevant keywords to produce quality content, you will need the necessary tools. There are many programs and applications on the market - both paid and free, that facilitate in-depth keyword research. With a keyword research tool such as the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can have relevant information on every keyword you want to include in your content.

Moreover, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is the latest generation tool that is readily used in the SEO industry. This tool contains many options to facilitate the monitoring of websites on the Internet, such as visibility analysis, competition analysis, SERP history or keyword database. The tool is based on the creation of graphs based on the information collected on a given domain.

How to position an off-site online store?

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How to increase sales in an online store through off-site SEO? Being ranked high in search results depends on the authority of the domain and the number of links that lead to it. Link building, i.e. obtaining backlinks from other Internet portals, makes Google perceive your store as a valuable sales platform, which it then promotes in search results. With this type of SEO activity for an online store, the type of link as well as the place and method of its placement on an external website are also important - portals generating spam or inadequate anchor text will not positively affect the reception of the store during crawling.

Google looks most favourably on links acquired naturally, but there are several ways to obtain valuable links to your store. Among them, it is worth mentioning sponsored and guest publications on external websites. You can also take care of the backend of websites that will allow you to expand your store optimization strategy and incoming link profile.

Store optimization - summary

Positioning an online store to increase sales sounds like a plan. However, you should not expect immediate results and an increase in statistics within a week. The implementation of the SEO strategy is a successive process, and new changes within the website must be indexed by Google robots, which happens with varying frequency - depending on the initial position of the domain. The time invested in preparing and running an SEO campaign will certainly pay off in a few months. An immediate effect can be obtained by supplementing SEO activities with Google Ads campaigns.

Analytical tools and at least basic knowledge of the selected e-commerce platform will be useful in creating an optimization plan and content strategy. There are many guides available on the internet that are a great support for novice sellers.

Do you have more questions related to store visibility? Contact us! We will help you choose and implement the best SEO strategy for your business.